Danish B2C leads 

Generating Danish B2C leads via giveaways & competitions can easily turn sour fast. It requires a great understanding of how to live up to the local regulations & guidelines set by the Danish Forbrugerombudsmand. It also requires a technical capability to back up, prove and document the given marketing consent.

As a brand representative, it’s important that you have all your bases covered before attempting to host a giveaway of your own.

Luckily for you you can always turn to us. We can guarantee you that your giveaway will live up to the standards and we help you build landing pages for your giveaway that are compliant and will live up to all standards.

As a client you simply need to tell us what type of giveaway or competition you want to host and for what purpose. We then build you the campaign and guide you in the marketing strategy. We can also help you promote it via our networks, programmatic seat, social media accounts and e-mail lists.

Of course we do this on a performance based price as always. You only pay for the results and you will probably save a ton on the expensive tools you would need to host a competition in the process.