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Hey there! If you’re looking for the best Content Marketing tool for your Business, stick here! Because I’ve made a list of tools for you that you need for your Content Marketing in 2020. I’ve used a lot of tools for my Content Marketing and shortlisted a few that are a must-have if you are to market your business through social media and Content Marketing.The field of digital marketing technologies is growing yearly. What has worked in the past may not be effective now– and unless you upgrade your strategies and tools, you will miss the chance to engage your audience and expand your company. There are hundreds of resources used for content management, some free and others very expensive. We also cover thousands, from the definition of material to development and help, automate and more. This surely seems like a very simple solution but can be overwhelming-finding just the right tool, to begin with. The tools I’m going to share with you have unique features that are essential in Content Marketing. They don’t compete with each other rather complement each other in making your Content Marketing stronger!Here is the list of 13 must-have tools for Content Marketing in 2020: 

  1. Content Studio:
  2. Grammarly
  3. Social Pilot
  4. WordPress:
  5. SalesHandy
  6. Hubspot:
  7. Vidyard
  8. ClickFunnels
  9. Google:
  10. Pexels:
  11. Slack:
  12. GroupBoss
  13. Question DB

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