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NL | Data Driven Solutions in the Nordics

We are a data company that employs experienced thinkers, designers and developers. We have always aimed to  been at the forefront of our market and be disruptive enough to make our customer understand our differences. We merge creativity, technology, and data.

Our history as a company is still very fresh. We were a group of specialist that came together to form Nordic Leads. 

Excited by the opportunity to join forces and grow bigger and better than our competitors and move beyond our normal borders.

We will always see ourselves as the disrupt-ers who wanted to make change to a stagnant industry. Drive groundbreaking ideas and scale. To collaborate, support and tackle problems fast, and to guide you to anticipate what others couldn’t. How can we help you?

Our sustainability efforts

Our role in society is growing in an increasingly digitized world. Understanding how society is changing means that we can be better placed to seize opportunities, manage risks, and shape our business. One of our most important tasks relates to sustainability.

For us, sustainability is about creating long-term value by integrating environmental, social, and financial risks and opportunities in business strategy and operations. Integrating sustainability contributes to creating an attractive and flexible company that is equipped for a changeable business landscape.

With a basis in our vision of a sustainable and humane society through digitization and innovation, we can be a positive force in matters relating to both environment and sustainability in a broader perspective.

NL | We are a data company 

NL | Creative Solutions with Data



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